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SilverSingles Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Are you ready to take the plunge into online dating? SilverSingles might be just what you’re looking for! This review will explore all the ins and outs of this popular senior-focused dating site. What makes it stand out from other sites? Is it worth your time and money? We’ll answer these questions, plus many more – so let’s dive in!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s not the best of the bunch but still pretty decent, SilverSingles is your go-to. It’s like going to an old diner – it may not be as fancy or have all the bells and whistles of other places, but what they do offer is reliable and tasty! The platform isn’t too complicated so even those who aren’t tech savvy can navigate their way around without any hiccups. Plus there are plenty of options when it comes to searching for potential matches – from age range filters to lifestyle preferences. All in all I’d say SilverSingles gives you just enough bang for your buck – nothing flashy yet nothing disappointing either!

SilverSingles in 10 seconds

  • SilverSingles is a dating site designed for singles over 50.
  • It uses an intelligent matchmaking algorithm to help users find compatible partners.
  • Subscriptions range from $19.95/month to $119.95/6 months.
  • Premium subscriptions cost $44.95/month or $119.95/6 months.
  • SilverSingles has an app available on both iOS and Android.
  • The pricing of SilverSingles is comparable to other similar sites on the market.
  • It offers privacy and security features such as secure messaging and identity verification.
  • SilverSingles also provides a “Personality Test” to help users find better matches.
  • It has a feature called “Daily Matches” which sends users new matches every day.
  • SilverSingles also offers a “Smile” feature which allows users to send a flirty message to another user.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Comprehensive matching algorithm for better matches.
  • Offers a free membership with limited features.
  • Limited search options for free users.
  • Unclear pricing structure and limited access to features with the basic plan.
  • Not enough active members in some areas.

How we reviewed SilverSingles

As an online dating expert, I and my team conducted a thorough review of SilverSingles. We tested both the free and paid versions to get a full understanding of how this site works. To really dive into our research, we sent over 100 messages to other users within two weeks in order to experience what it’s like for real people using the platform. We also took time reading through user reviews on different platforms as well as taking note of any complaints or issues that have been reported about SilverSingles from its members so far. Additionally, we checked out their customer service response times when responding to inquiries from potential customers via email or phone call – just another way for us make sure they’re living up to their promises! Finally, all these findings were compared with those found on similar sites such as eHarmony and Match in order create an unbiased comparison between them all before making our final verdict on whether SilverSingles is worth signing up for or not. Our commitment goes beyond providing detailed information; by actually testing out each feature ourselves (and sending lots of messages!), we can confidently say that no other review site offers such comprehensive insights into dating websites like ours does!

Signing up

Registering on SilverSingles is a breeze! All you need to do is fill out the registration form and provide some basic information. To get started, head over to their website and click “Sign Up” at the top of the page. You’ll be asked for your email address, date of birth (you must be 18 or older), gender identity, zip code, username and password. After that’s all filled in correctly – voila! You’re ready to start meeting other singles online who are looking for love too!

Once you’ve registered with SilverSingles it’s time to create your profile so others can learn more about you before they decide if they want reach out or not. It starts off by asking what kind of relationship status best describes where you currently stand: single/never married; divorced; separated; widowed? Then comes a series of questions about yourself such as height range (in feet & inches) body type etc., followed by personal preferences like whether someone smokes cigarettes or has children already living with them – this helps narrow down potential matches even further since these factors may play an important role when deciding who would make a good match later on down the line.

Next up comes creating an eye-catching headline which will appear next to your photo in search results – think catchy phrases that capture attention but don’t give away too much info just yet because those details should come during conversations between two people once contact has been made via messaging system available through site itself…it also doesn’t hurt if there’s bit humor thrown into mix either 😉 Finally upload recent picture preferably one taken within last 6 months then hit submit button complete process finish setting up account now have access everything offered silver singles including its many features designed help find perfect partner no matter how long takes take journey until right person found along way free use platform explore possibilities dating world today without spending dime course always option upgrade membership gain additional benefits provided well worth considering might interested checking those options while still new user base expanding everyday sure won’t regret signing seeing everyone else around here having fun finding special someone enjoy life together hope luck whatever happens future cheers!.

  • These are the requirements to register on SilverSingles:
  • A valid email address
  • Your gender and the gender of the person you’re looking for
  • Your age
  • Your location
  • A username
  • A password
  • A profile photo

SilverSingles features

If you’re looking for a dating site that won’t break the bank, SilverSingles might be worth checking out. It offers both free and paid features to its users, so it can fit into any budget. But is it really worth your time? Let’s take a closer look at what this platform has to offer!

For starters, there are plenty of ways to search through potential matches on SilverSingles without spending a dime – including using filters like age range or location. You can also send smiles (which are basically virtual winks) and likes as icebreakers if you don’t feel comfortable starting up conversations right away. That said, most communication options require an upgrade from the basic membership plan; however they do offer discounts when signing up for longer periods of time which helps make things more affordable in the long run!

On top of all that good stuff though – one unique feature I found with SilverSingles was their “Have You Met…” section where members get handpicked match suggestions based off their profile information every day- pretty cool huh? This could come in handy if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all those other profiles out there or just need some help getting started down your path towards true love 😉

Overall I’d say that while not perfect -Silver Singles isn’t half bad either! Sure it may not have quite as many bells & whistles compared to other sites but hey- sometimes simple is better ya know?! Plus they’ve got enough features available between both plans so even casual daters should find something here useful…just keep in mind though: If finding ‘the one’ quickly is important then maybe consider investing elsewhere instead since this platform doesn’t guarantee immediate results (but who knows- stranger things have happened!).

  • Personality Test: SilverSingles uses a comprehensive personality test to match users with compatible singles.
  • Matches Based on Compatibility: SilverSingles uses the results of the personality test to match users with people who have similar interests and values.
  • Secure Dating Environment: SilverSingles provides a secure online dating environment, ensuring that all members are genuine and serious about finding a relationship.
  • Dedicated Customer Care Team: SilverSingles has a dedicated customer care team available to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: SilverSingles has an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for users to find potential matches.

Mobile App

Ah, SilverSingles – the dating site that’s been around for a while and still going strong. But does it have an app? Well, here’s what I can tell you about this.

SilverSingles has both good news and bad news when it comes to its mobile app offering. The good news is that there is indeed a SilverSingles mobile application available on both Android and iOS devices! It was released in 2017 as part of their efforts to make online dating more accessible than ever before – so kudos to them for doing something right! Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using this particular app…

To start with the positives: firstly, users will find that navigating through profiles via their phone or tablet is much easier than trying to do so from your desktop computer (especially if you’re out-and-about). Additionally, features such as ‘Smileys’ allow users who are shy or don’t feel comfortable writing long messages yet another way of expressing themselves without having type anything up. And last but not least; like most other apps these days – downloading & installing Silver Singles onto your device won’t cost you anything extra since it’s free across all platforms!

Unfortunately though; just because they offer an app doesn’t mean everything runs perfectly smooth sailing every time… Some people may experience technical issues such as slow loading times which can be quite annoying especially when waiting impatiently between conversations with potential dates 😉 Also keep in mind some features found on desktops might not always be present within the application itself (such as detailed profile stats) although one could argue those aren’t necessary anyway given how short attention spans tend nowadays haha! Lastly due note also many reviews state native notifications seem unreliable too i..e ones sent directly by silver singles often go unnoticed compared say third party services like pushbullet etc.

All things considered however, overall we’d say despite its minor flaws, silver singles does well enough providing decent user experience via its respective applications thus allowing members stay connected wherever life takes them 🙂

Design & Usability

SilverSingles is an okay dating site, but not the best one. The design and usability of SilverSingles are pretty basic. It has a simple layout with a light blue color scheme that’s easy on the eyes, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when browsing through profiles or messaging other users. The usability of SilverSingles is also quite good – it’s straightforward to use and navigate around without any hassle. You can easily search for potential matches by age range or location, as well as filter your results according to various criteria such as interests or hobbies. Plus there are plenty of features like “favorites” which allow you to save people who caught your eye in case you want to come back later! If you upgrade from free membership status however, some UI improvements become available – such as having access more detailed profile information about others and being able view their photos without needing permission first (which makes things much easier!). All-in-all though I’d say Silver Singles does its job alright; nothing too fancy but gets the job done if all ya need is someone special in yer life!


If you’re looking for a dating site that won’t break the bank, SilverSingles might be worth checking out. It’s not free, but it does offer competitive pricing and some nice perks if you opt for one of their paid subscriptions.

The basic membership is fairly affordable at $19.95 per month – which isn’t bad compared to other sites on the market – but upgrading your subscription can get pricey fast with plans ranging from $34.95 to as much as $99! However, there are plenty of benefits associated with these pricier packages such as unlimited messaging capabilities and access to advanced search features like “reverse matches” (which show users who have similar interests). Plus, all memberships come with an extra bonus: three months free when signing up for six months or more! So if you’re willing to commit long-term then this could definitely save some cash in the end. Overall I’d say SilverSingles offers decent value considering its prices aren’t too outrageous; however it’s certainly not my top pick in terms of affordability either – so shop around before making any commitments here!

Plan Price Features
Basic $0 Registration, Profile Creation, Photo Uploads, Matching Algorithm
Premium Lite $24.95/month All Basic Features, View Profiles, Send Smiles
Premium Classic $34.95/month All Basic and Lite Features, Send 5 Questions, Receive and Read Messages
Premium Comfort $44.95/month All Basic, Lite, and Classic Features, See Who Viewed Your Profile, Send and Receive Messages

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to SilverSingles include eHarmony, Match.com, and OkCupid. These sites offer a variety of features that cater to different types of relationships such as casual dating or long-term commitments.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for those over 50 who are looking to start dating again.
  • Best for people who want a serious relationship and not just casual dating.
  • Best for those seeking companionship or friendship with someone of similar age and interests.


1. How to use SilverSingles without paying?

SilverSingles is a decent option for online dating, but it’s not the best. You can use SilverSingles without paying by creating an account and browsing through profiles to see if you find someone interesting. However, most of the features are only available with a paid subscription so you won’t be able to get full access unless you pay up.

2. How can I know that the profiles on SilverSingles are real?

SilverSingles is a decent dating site that does have some real profiles, however I would recommend using more well-known sites as they tend to be more reliable. The best way to know if the profiles on SilverSingles are real is by doing your own research and looking for reviews online from other users who have tried it out. You can also look at their verification process which should give you an idea of how serious they take security and authenticity.

3. Does SilverSingles have a mobile app?

Yes, SilverSingles does have a mobile app. It’s not the most user-friendly one out there but it gets the job done. I’d recommend checking out other dating apps as well if you’re looking for something more intuitive and feature-rich.

4. Is SilverSingles working and can you find someone there?

Yes, SilverSingles is a working dating site and you can find someone there. It’s an okay choice if you’re looking for something more serious than casual dating sites but not as intense as some of the other popular ones out there. Ultimately it depends on what kind of relationship you are looking for!

Elizabeth Menzel

Elizabeth Menzel is an online dating expert and writer with a passion for helping people find love. She has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps since the early 2000s, when she first discovered her interest in exploring how technology can be used to bring people together. A graduate of Columbia University, Elizabeth earned her degree in psychology with a focus on interpersonal relationships. This educational background provided her with the knowledge needed to understand how different aspects of human behavior interact within romantic partnerships as well as online interactions between strangers looking for potential partners or friends. Throughout college, Elizabeth worked at several matchmaking services where she gained invaluable experience working one-on-one with clients seeking help navigating their way through the world of digital romance - from creating profiles that accurately reflect who they are all the way through exchanging messages and setting up dates that lead to lasting connections offline too! After graduating university, it was this experience combined with Elizabeth's natural knack for understanding social dynamics which made pursuing a career path focused around reviewing popular platforms such as Tinder or Bumble so appealing – something which continues today more than ever before!

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